We all want to feel free, connected, joyful and in love. But life can be challenging, and patterns or imprints can obscure the light of your soul. Healing is a journey back to wholeness. It isn’t a quick fix, nor should it be. Your journey is beautiful process and needs to follow its own pace, a pace that deserves to be honored.

Now imagine a loving, safe space, free of judgment, where you can connect to these old feelings and patterns, and set free what is ready to be released. A place where you can explore and be held by a loving witness and guide who helps you feel, let go and express. Someone who helps shine light on the edgy places, and shows you the bright places too. A place where you can rest, breathe, let go and call in. A place where you can heal.  

What to expect

in a 1:1 healing session you bring an issue forth that you would like to explore. Maybe you’ve struggled with fear of abandonment, shame, low self esteem or guilt. Whatever it is, we talk and connect to it together. We drop into a meditative space and I connect to my intuitive guidance. We feel into what’s needed, especially for you. The healing process can range from a conversation to chakra/energy clearing, a guided meditation into past lives or rebirthing, inner child work, clearing old protection mechanisms, processing old emotions, movement and breathwork, insights and more.

My sessions are described as safe, gentle, loving, feminine en strong. My intention for you is to live a life deeply connected to your empowered, intuitive, wise, gentle and compassionate self, full of love en beauty

It would be my honor en joy to work with you.

Locatie en prijzen:

Location: Zoom
Chakra clearing: €75,-
One on one healing session: €100
Package of 3 one on one healing sessions: €275