I tried yoga for the first time when I was 28 or 29. I’d thought about it before, but never actually TRIED it – honestly, it was out of desperation that I finally did. After my first session (at home, with poses from a little book I had standing on my bookshelf for ages) I called my sister, saying: ‘I feel calmer than I have in years, and it’s like my body suddenly fits.’ 

Later on, yoga turned out be my lifesafer. It was one of the tools I was looking for to help me release my suffering, a way to bring me back to me. I’m a work in progress, but I experience more joy and love than I ever thought possible.

I believe yoga is about connection, about remembering who we truely are. Our world is getting faster and faster, we’re running after our breath, hardly know how we feel, or why we are so tired. I believe we all want to find our way back – to ourselves, and to each other. Yoga reconnects you to the wisdom of your body, the kindness in your heart, the presence of your being, and to your fellow human beings. When you get to know and become you, the REAL you, you will not only feel more love, peace and belonging, but you will also be a healing presence in the world. 

Every SUNDAY we come together to practice. You don’t need any experience but any is welcome – and you’ll get to explore the healing powers within yourself. Email me at nora@norahoogzaad.com and your mat will be waiting for you.

We would love to have you.

Classes are in Dutch, unless there’s a someone in the room who doesn’t speak this funny language. For any more questions: don’t hesitate to write.

Location and pricing:

Location: Yogastudio 118, Van Beverningkstraat 118, Den Haag
Time: 10 – 11:15 AM on Sunday
5 classes (valid 10 consecutive weeks): €72 / €60 for students
10 classes (valid 10 consecutive weeks): €120 / €100 for students
10 classes (valid 14 consecutive weeks): €135 / €115 for students
single class: €17,00 / €15 for students
trial lesson: €7,50

Nora is this amazing kind hearted woman, a very knowledgeable yoga teacher and spiritual inspirator. She has an incredible ability to create a calm, centered, grounded and lovingly atmosphere, despite all chaos and billions of stimuli in our lives. There is no judgment, only vulnerability and respect for another, and everyones personal intentions. I feel reborn, reset and in connection with myself after the class. An absolute treat. I wish I could start every morning with one of her classes.