Hi, I'm Nora

As a child I knew there was something more to life. I didn’t have the words for it, but I could definitely feel it. In my late teens and twenties, my connection got largely buried under pain, confusion and mental struggles. What we name eating disorders and depression were some of them – but there were more. 

Unworthiness and fear dominated my experience. Some of you will know how painful it can be –  more than I can write. 

I fought tooth and nail to make my life work, first in the form of studying  journalism – in fact  writing was the only thing that kept me going. Later I tried on a career as a novelist but that failed without hardly any of my books being read. Yep, sometimes you are re-directed.

And then one day there comes a time when that situation has to change. You walk through a portal and you can NOT go back.

So I began my ascent back into life… Day by day I’d set off – the road began to clear and I found yoga, meditation and other practices. It was like meeting my real self for the first time and I’ll never forget that moment. My life transformed, and I had to know more.

As you might understand by now, I never intended to be a yoga teacher. But my hunger for deeper understanding took me to the basic yoga teacher training, and then to the advanced. I got to assist retreats, and can’t get enough of books. Currently I’m studying energy healing – I can’t wait to bring that to the world! What can I say: yoga is vast, just like you. 

And talking about you…Why is yoga calling you? What is your path about?

I know it’s not always easy – but it’s this exact path that guides us.

Wanna walk a part of this journey together?

If so… speak soon.