Loving Words

Nora is this amazing kind hearted woman, a very knowledgeable yoga teacher and spiritual inspirator. She has an incredible ability to create a calm, centered, grounded and loving atmosphere, despite the chaos and billions of stimuli in our lives. There is no judgment, only vulnerability and respect for another, and everyones personal intentions. I feel reborn, reset and in connection with myself after the class. An absolute treat. I wish I could start every morning with one of her classes.
Anne G.
Nora's yoga classes are like a breath of fresh air. A welcoming balance between attention and effort, with a constant focus on your own wellbeing. And yet so connected to each other...
Willemien S.
Nora is a light in the darkness. She operates on a deep level. In my connection to her I feel completely heard and seen. Precious...
Violet B.
Horse coach
Because of the energy Nora brings, I could really drop into myself, totally relax, and follow the rythms of my body. Really one of the greatest yoga classes I've ever had.
Veerle L.
Body based coach and mentor
I really enjoy the atmosphere Nora creates and the peace she manifests in the group. A beautiful balance between turning inwards and feeling your body.
Anne J.
Family coach